No Strings Attached Blog Hop

This giveaway is closed. Our winner was Amanda J. Congratulations.

We are participating in the I am a reader, not a Writer No Strings Attached Blog Hop.

All you need to do to be entered is leave your name and a contact e-mail so that we can contact the winner. No need to sign up for our blog (unless you would like to). This giveaway runs from 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday April 17th, until Midnight on Sunday, April 22nd.

We will be giving away an eBook copy of any book of your choice (up to $10 value). You will simply need to have an Amazon or B&N account so we can send same to you.

Go to the host site I am a reader, not a writer for more blogs participating in this No Strings Attached Blog Hop and see what goodies they are offering in this giveaway.

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About Lucy Dosch

I am working mother of two beautiful girls with an obsession for reading. I now carry my Nook everywhere I go and I am ready to read at any given time, whether waiting in line at car pick up, waiting for dinner to cook, or once the kids are finally settled for the night.

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