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Does your husband think he’s Sherlock Holmes? Is your son just like Tom Sawyer? Have you ever wanted to be debauched by Mr. Darcy? I was. Naughty me. 😉

I was contacted recently by the nice people at UStarNovels asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their personalized novels. After looking through their selection of both classic titles and some naughtier choices, I decided on an eBook version of Pride and Prejudice and Debauchery. I was curious to see if they could spice of this classic story without become obscene. Unlike my recent read of Jane Eyre Laid Bare, I was pleasantly surprised at this re-imagined classic.

As far as the novel itself, it was a well written twist on the original story, mostly adding daydreams and fantasies…I mean, come on, Mr. Darcy’s a guy. You know he was admiring more than just her fine eyes–or in my story, my fine eyes. *he,he* In my copy, the only character I changed was Elizabeth to myself and left all the other characters alone. So it was fun to find myself staring in one of my favorite novels and being chased by Mr. Darcy. If I had any critique, it would be that Elizabeth (me–slut that I am) does leave the realm of fantasy and gives in to Mr. Wickham which does negate the whole “my sister shamed the family by running off with Wickham” after Wickham has Elizabeth (me) bent over a table, and it was in especially poor taste since this is after reading Darcy’s letter pointed out what a evil bastard Wickham is. I should be ashamed of myself.

I also requested a copy of the eBook Blood Lust and can’t even tell you what my husband and I were doing on the island with the vampires without blushing. My husband did ask if I pictured him while I was reading, and I assured him that I did, but he look remarkably like the new star of the CW show Arrow, Stephen Amell, abs and all, and I look, as I always do, just like Angelina Jolie.

I plan on surprising my four sisters-in-law this Christmas with their own version of Little Women, which I hopefully haven’t blown just now by putting that down in my blog.

My only disappointment, being a big eBook reader, is that all of the eBook choices are the racier novels and the classic books choices must be in print form.

So maybe your favorite matchmaker would like to star as Emma Woodhouse, or those newlyweds in your family would enjoy starring as those great lovers, Romeo and Juliet. A great introduction to reading for the younger crowd may be your daughter staring as Alice in Alice in Wonderland or your son joining the lost boys in Neverland as either John, Michael or better yet, as Peter Pan.

Take a look at their list of available titles at their website I think this would make a thoughtful gift for your favorite reader this holiday season.

Paperback orders take approximately 7-10 days with eBook purchases taking about 24 hours. So you want to get your holiday orders in soon. Answers to the most common questions can be found here FAQS.

UStarNovels has generously offered a Coupon Code for our friends to use for a 20 percent discount on any order. Just enter DCOBSESSED.

Our giveaway winner was Lysette.   Enjoy!

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