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Have you checked out the Sony Readerstore?

Happy Friday, everyone. I want to talk with you today about the Sony Readerstore.

I was contacted by Sony Readerstore (Great Britain) and asked if would be interested in checking out their website and services. Although I am located outside of NYC, I had no problem playing around the Readerstore (GB) website and checking out their bookstore. You can shop by genre or do a search by title or author. There are categories listed on the left-hand side for searching by price or for Readerstore Exclusives. There is even a box at the bottom to take you to special offers.

You don’t have to have a Sony ereader to enjoy the Readerstore. I am a big fan of my Nook and I prefer epub books over the Kindle/mobi files. Admittedly, I only have a Kindle app on my Nook so maybe the books look different on a Kindle, but I dislike the way the Kindle books pop up and their display of percentage done and file bit references and their new updated  “this is how long it will take YOU to finish this book” is always wrong. I like the format of the epub books and I like having page numbers. Sony Readerstore downloads in epub form and looks just as good as any other epubs downloaded on my Nook from the B&N store.

I was given a gift certificate for a book of my choice. I picked up a copy of Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon which is one of the books on my Must Read list that I just haven’t had the opportunity to pick up. Thankfully I didn’t need to review it for this post since it is over 800 pages and I am going to have to sneak it in a chapter at a time.

I put my book in my cart, then set up an account, downloaded my new book to my computer and then moved it over to my Nook. Quick and easy and I was ready to read in minutes. I only had to do it this way since the Readerstore I was checking out was the Great Britain store.

After I played on the GB site, I went to my Google App store and downloaded a free Sony Readerstore App.   I did have to open up a separate account since it only gave me a choice of U.S. or Canada (Unfortunately, my new Styxx book did not transfer over from my GB account) but I played around the app for awhile searching around the bookstore, searching for discounted books and free books (you know how I love free books :) ).  Using the app I downloaded some books directly to my Nook from Sony Readerstore app, no computer download needed and they looked great.  I also played on my husband’s Ipad (don’t tell him) and the same Sony Readerstore is available from the Apple App store.

The Readerstore app is free and using the Sony Readerstore gives you another option for downloading books. They also have their own selection of specials offers.

Download the free app and take a look around the store before you make your next purchase.

4 Responses to Have you checked out the Sony Readerstore?

  1. Tina B January 2, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    Cool! I will have to check it out. :) Thanks for the head’s up, Lucy!

  2. Tina B January 2, 2014 at 10:06 am #

    I am in the US, does that matter?

    • Lucy Dosch January 2, 2014 at 10:22 am #

      I’m in the U.S. as well. You can download the free Readerstore app and it will ask if you are in U.S. or Canada at the set up or just go on line to and shop that way.

      • Tina B January 2, 2014 at 11:43 am #

        Thank you. I loaded the app on my phone because I don’t think that my Kindle Fire would allow it. :)

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