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Archive | November, 2014


Spotlight/Guest Post – A Cursed Bloodline by Cecy Robson

Top 10 Funny Lines from the Weird Girls Series “No way, dude. Celia is totally single. She hasn’t had a date in what, two years?” Shayna Wird. “I’m not getting that nasty bloodlust shit on my nice clothes.” Taran Wird. “Luke Skywalker could suck it. He had nothing on Shayna.” Celia Wird. “Koda’s butt cheeks […]

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Review: Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh

I was moved by the battle of these two people finding someone special just when they are trying to finish their last few weeks of college. Both trying to juggle the workload and stresses of finals, working and trying to study and do homework and into this barely balanced life, they throw in a difficult […]

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Review: Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy

James Morgan met the most beautiful girl he ever laid eyes on on his first solo mission. Getting information about the whereabouts of Douglas Phillips from his 17 year old daughter, Noelle, was Jim’s mission. Her father was selling secrets and it was Jim’s job to bring him in.   He was only supposed to […]

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