Guest Post: EBooks vs. Print by Adam Ferraresi

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eBooks vs Print –

The Reasons Why Digital is Better


If you ask any avid reader why they’re in love with the world of written word, you can be sure that one of the answers will be – I love the smell of books. And while it’s completely true that there isn’t anything quite like holding a hard bound copy of your favorite book, times are a changing and so is the reading culture. Today there are many disputes on what is better, reading printed or digital books, and each front has very strong arguments on its side.

We will be delving into why eBooks present a better option to their printed ancestors and why you should give digital books a chance, even if you are a sworn print printed books reader.


You Can Buy Books In A Heartbeat

We’ll start with practical approach to digital books, seeing that buying books from wherever you are is one of the strongest suits of digital books. For all of us that have a strong sense of involvement with a certain author, universe or story, as soon as we finish one book, we want to know what happens next. eBooks allow us this commodity without ever leaving our home, even our bed.

Another useful perk is that you can preorder a certain book that hasn’t been published yet and you will get it as soon as it gets to the bookstands, and you won’t have to wait in lines for it. Why waste your time when you can preorder any book you want and have it conveniently on your device of choice.

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It’s Much More Affordable

This is a game changer for many passionate readers. Though it’s beautiful to have hardcover copies of your favorite books in your library, not all of them come cheap. In fact, printed books are more expensive than digital ones, and usually by more than 40%. This is no small difference and just imagine how much you can save by buying digital edition. All that saved up money can then naturally go to buying more books in digital form and from time to time investing into a printed book as well.

Practical And Easy To Use

There’s so much to say on this account. As you know, printed books are a joy, but not necessarily easy to carry around, especially if you’ve got a classic on your hands, that’s 1000+ pages long. eBooks are incredibly portable, you can have them on any device you carry around with you, be it your phone, tablet or Kindle.

But, what if you like reading several books simultaneously? Should you juggle all of those printed versions in your already oversized bag? Of course not, and this is again where digital print comes to play. You can have libraries a click away from you, thousands of books at your fingertips and all you have to do is choose. Not to mention some inside perks, like table of content, to which you can just click to take you to the page where you stopped reading. There are also various dictionaries you can use on the spot while reading, in case you’re not familiar with a certain word, or if you’re reading in a foreign language, then having a good translator is invaluable.

More Fonts To Choose From

In case you have vision problems, this perk is significantly separates digital from printed books. Once you get a printed book, there’s nothing you can do to change its font to suit you better, while with digital you can do it in a heartbeat. Of course, these are books printed in larger font, but they are also pricy and often chunky to carry around. With digital books, you can choose both the style and the size of the font you’re reading, so that you don’t have to strain your eyes at all. You will usually have five or more fonts that you can choose from, and there are even apps like Kobo, which allow you to upload any font you’d like and read your book in it.


eBooks Help You Stay Anonymous

We all have our guilty pleasures, for some its sweets, for some it’s reading romance novels of suspicious quality. Our taste is our private thing, and unless you want to, nobody has to know about what you’re reading, and that is much more easily achieved by reading digital books.

Instead of saying to everyone on the subway that you’re reading Twilight (for the seventh time), you can simply pull out your Kindle and read whatever your heart desires.

One other great things is that you can even buy books online anonymously if you choose to, by various means of privacy protection, be it paying by bitcoin or using a VPN to hide your sensitive details. There are many useful perks in using a virtual private network combined with downloading eBooks, but it suffices to say that you can save yourself from any form of scrutiny by buying digital books anonymously using tools given to you by internet gods.

Truth be told, there are many pros and cons both when it comes to reading printed and digital books, but it would seem that the scales are tipping more and more to the advantage of digital reading. You can always have a balancing act, and switch between reading printed and digital word, if nothing, to compare the way you feel about it and what feels more natural to you. – by Adam Ferraresi.



Web development has always been something Adam was passionate about, and it is from his passion that he’s making his living. Thanks to the vast knowledge of internet trends and its constant changes, Adam often writes popular articles for He’s a born and raised Texan, with his residence in Dallas.

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4 responses to “Guest Post: EBooks vs. Print by Adam Ferraresi

  1. Anne

    Pre-ordering and getting the book as soon as it’s released is nice, but Amazon won’t let you use gift credit for pre-orders which is a minor pain. I had to wait until I woke up on the release day of Magic Binds to order it so I could use my credit. Not normally a real issue for me, but I was flying home before lunch that day and it was just one more thing to remember to take care of on a busy morning. The other big negative is having to charge. My tablet eats battery time. At the airport, there were people hogging multiple outlets.

    I appreciate all the benefits of digital books, but nothing still beats the feel of a “real” book.

  2. Zoe

    I wholly agree with this article. As a student who has to lug lectures books and a file full of notes and worksheets to school every day, having an e-reader really helps shave off the weight, space, and stress due to worrying that the cover of the books may get folded while it’s in my bag. Plus, it’s much more convenient to hold an e-reader in one hand while on the bus during peak hours. However, the main thing I find lacking from e-books is the sentimental value. The moment I’ve finished reading it and writing my review for it, I’ll delete it. I might get a bit sad over losing the highlights I’ve done but I get over it quickly.

    While I will still go for printed books as my first choice, provided that I do have sufficient money for them, e-books are certainly more practical in this day and age.

  3. adam ferraresi

    Hi Anne and Zoe, thanks for your comment. Anne regarding battery you are right but their are couple of ways to get around that. First lower your lightning setting and turn of connectivity. This will drastically increase your battery time. Also instead of android tablet you can use ereader like Kindle. Their battery last for very long time.

  4. Lucy D

    I hesitated myself before buying my first eReader. They were petty expensive when they first came out and I couldn’t imagine liking it as much as holding a paperback in my hand. I also hated the flashing page change of the original Kindle. But my Nook Color changed my (reading) life.

    As a blogger and reviewer, I love being able to highlight passages or names to note for later. I can also do a search for a quote I am looking for or a name easier than flipping through a paperback and trying to remember what section that was in.

    The dictionary feature is a big plus.

    If I am using the treadmill, I usually listen to an audiobook, but if I am in the middle of an exciting story, I can increase the font size on my eReader and make it easier to read while I am moving around. There is no way to read a paperback on a treadmill.

    I also love, love, love the fact that my eBooks have their own lighting. I am always changing positions when I sit and read. If I am reading a paperback, I have to sit in one spot where the light is best, but I can get as comfortable as I want with my eReader and can even sit in the dark and switch to white lettering on a black background.

    My current thoughts on paper books is that they are good for giveaways and book signings. Other than that, I want a digital copy for my own library.