Friday eBook Giveaway: Suddenly Engaged by Julia London

Posted December 8, 2017 by Lucy D in Contests & Giveaways / 11 Comments

Our winner is…Mary Jo. Congratulations.

Happy Friday.  I am so excited.  Not only is it Friday, but my friend Christine comes back from maturnity leave on Monday so I will finally have someone to talk books with again.


I just finished listening to Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. This is a Young Adult story that my oldest keeps raving about so I thought I would try it. As I progressed in the story, we would discuss the plot and the characters. I was sitting in a waiting room when I finished the audiobook…on a cliffhanger!


I texted her immediate to complain that she never hinted that the story didn’t finish. I just happened to purchase the second book (which I thought was another separate story) because audible is having a half-priced sale on everything. So instead of moving onto the next story I had planned, I have to listen to book 2 to see what happens. I told her there would be one less Christmas present for not telling mom there was a cliffhanger and leaving me stranded. 🙂

This week’s eBook giveaway features an adorable little girl (not one who leaves her mom dangling). I think the best part of the story is watching little Ruby win over her grumpy neighbor Dax. Yes, Dax and Kyra and their romance are part of the story as well, but little Ruby is adorable and she will win your heart just like she did Dax.

Just leave a comment to be entered in this week’s giveaway.

Giveaway ends Thursday, December 14th. Open to anyone who can download a Kindle gift code (I make no guarantees.) 18 years and older.

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11 responses to “Friday eBook Giveaway: Suddenly Engaged by Julia London

  1. Shakera Blakney

    OMG, I have “Six of Crows”. (I bought it because roommate raved about it) I haven’t read it yet because the last book a friend raved about… I hated it. It’s nice to know you enjoyed it!

  2. Linda Moffitt

    Haha Too Funny LOL
    I also HATE Cliffhangers
    Thanks for the chance Looks Great

  3. JenM

    Ugh, I too hate cliffhangers. I never knowingly will buy a book that has one. Its okay in UF when there are loose threads left dangling for later books, or when there’s an overarching plot that will continue through a series, but each book needs to have its own plot and interim resolution.

  4. Mary Jo Toth

    I will tolerate cliffhangers as long as I know ahead of time. Not cool that she didn’t warn you. The bright side is you get more time enjoying the characters.

  5. Anita H.

    That would annoy me to no end! Cliffhangers suck, especially when no warning is given!

  6. Ada

    I hate cliffhangers! It’s not right to make a reader wait for a second or even third book. I definitely try to avoid adding those to my reading list, no matter who the author is.