Friday Giveaway: The Final Score by Jaci Burton

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Our winner is…Shakira. Congratulations.

And it is Friday once again.  This one really snuck up on me but I won’t complain about that.

Microgenres.   This is the magic word for the breakdown of the different types of romance stories.  Whether you like contemporary, paranormal or historical romance, you can easily find the different types of microgenres in each group.  There is the “friends to lovers,” “enemies to lovers,” “second chance,” “forbidden romance,” and so many more.

This week I found myself starting my fourth “fake relationship” story in a short period of time.  Generally, reading the same type of story so closely is something I try to avoid.   First, it makes the romance feel repetitious and takes all the enjoyment out of it.  Second, I find that if I read too much of one type of story, I quickly start to judge them against each other and isn’t fair to the author or to the story you are trying to review.

This is something I have to work hard to avoid when I am reading stories from one of my favorite authors and series.  For examples, if you wanted my opinion of a great Police Drama, I would of course toss you a stack of the J.D. Robb, In Death books.  Overall I love this series but if I sat down to review the individual stories, I will separate out the better stories of the series.  It is hard not to compare them to each other and what was a great story suddenly becomes “not bad” all because I am measuring it against a story I already like more.

As I start Melt for You by J.T. Geissinger, I am going to work very hard to focus on this story and decide if I like it for the story and the characters, and not because it was better or worse than the others I have read.

But there is one thing I will say after reading all these stories, if I was single and had my eye on someone, I would try the “I need a fake relationship” line so we have an excuse to pretend date and we can get to know each other.   It really does seem to work so well.


Up for grabs this week is a “friends to lovers” story by Jaci Burton.

To enter just tell us your favorite microgenre.

Giveaway ends Thursday, May 3rd. Open to U.S. residents, 18 years and older.

Nathan Riley is ready to follow in the footsteps of his famous football player father. He’s been drafted as quarterback for his dad’s former team, and his sports future is bright. When his friend Mia Cassidy moves to the same city, their years-long friendship suddenly sparks hot, reminding him of the one night they had together in college that he can never forget.

Like Nathan, Mia is from a sports dynasty family and embarking on an incredible new career—as founder of her own sports management company. Her friendship with Nathan means everything to her, and tossing sex into the mix again could jeopardize it all. But the chemistry between them has always sizzled, and it isn’t long before Mia realizes she wants more with Nathan than just late-night talks and pizza.

Passion has a funny way of changing the rules, and soon Nathan and Mia realize that to win it all, they’ll have to make an unexpected play for love.

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8 responses to “Friday Giveaway: The Final Score by Jaci Burton

  1. Texas Book Lover

    I love small town romance and an really looking forward to reading this. Jaci Burton has some of the best covers!!!

  2. Mary Jo Toth

    I don’t know if I have a favorite. I enjoy them all, like you, I try to mix it up so I don’t compare one to the other. I think second chance and friends to lovers are neck and neck for me. Each one has it’s nuances but truly, any romance will do. I just like to escape and have an HEA at the end!