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We are really excited to let you know about some upcoming authors that we will have stopping by.  Please check back with us.


Marie Harte – Test Drive – Spotlight – May 23rd

Felicity Heaton – Awakened by a Demoness – Spotlight – May 25th

Paige Tyler – To Love a Wolf – Spotlight – May 30th

Gene Showalter – The Darkest Torment – Spotlight – May 31st

Laura Trentham – Kiss Me That Way – Spotlight – June 1st

Anne Calhoun – Under the Surface – Spotlight – June 8th

Cecy Robson – Inseverable – Spotlight – June 20th

Dianne Duvall – Phantom Embrace – Spotlight – June 22nd

Amanda Bouchet – A Promise of Fire – Spotlight – July 11th

Sara Humphreys – Trouble Walks In – Spotlight – July 18th

Katie Ruggle – Gone Too Far – Spotlight – July 27th

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