The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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The Guardian (Dark-Hunter, #21; Dream-Hunter, #5)

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Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback
Published: November 1, 2011
Paperback: 345 pages

Rating: 5 Stars + a big hug for Seth.

Dream-Hunter Lydia has been charged with the most sacred and dangerous of missions: To descend into the Nether Realm and find the missing god of dreams before he betrays the secrets that could kill her and her kind. What she never expects is to be taken prisoner by the Realm’s most vicious guardian…

Seth’s time is running out. If he can’t hand over the entrance to Olympus, his own life and those of his people will be forfeit. No matter the torture, Seth hasn’t been able to break the god in his custody. Then there’s the beautiful Dream-Hunter Lydia: She isn’t just guarding the gates of Olympus-she’s holding back one of the world’s darkest powers. If she fails, an ancient curse will haunt the earth once more and no one will be safe. But evil is always seductive…

Lydia Tsakali is willing to go into Azmodea, a hell realm under the control of Noir, to save the dream god, Solin. He raised her. He means everything to her.

When Seth, the Guardian of Azmodea, catches Lydia trying to free Solin, he knows she is the key to breaking Solin and getting the key to the gates of Olympus for Noir. Seth has no love to Noir, but he is willing to do anything to end his own torture, even hold Lydia hostage until Solin returns with the key.

After centuries of abuse from everyone around him, he is not willing to trust anyone again. But Lydia’s gentleness and kindness to Seth starts to win him over.

I knew when I read the small blurb on the Sherrilyn Kenyon’s website months ago, I was going to like these characters. Sherrilyn Kenyon writes such moving stories of tortured souls that your heart just breaks for them, and you can feel how the smallest act of kindness means so much to them. *sniff*sniff*

I was slightly unhappy when Lydia starts pulling a little bit of that girl b.s., being miffed and giving him the silent treatment. The guy has been living in hell (actually living in hell) and being tortured for centuries. Cut him some slack with the attitude!

This is a Dream-Hunter novel, and of the Hunter series, the Dream-Hunters are not usually my favorite, but this was such an enjoyable story and I just want to give Seth a big hug.

Favorite Scene:

Don’t look at her

He heard his inner sanity and yet he couldn’t resist glancing over his shoulder to catch her staring at his back from where she sat cross-legged on his bed. With her elbows braced on her knees, she rested her chin on her folded hands. He had no idea why he found that adorable, but he did.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

“Trying to read through your big head.”


She gave him a droll look. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I’m bored out of my friggin’ mind and there’s really nothing else to do since I’m not sleepy. What do you do for entertainment? Other than surf online porn, that is.”

“Porn?” She used a lot of words he didn’t have a definition for.

“You know? Pornography? Videos on of naked women showing off their happy places to lonely men who can’t get dates? Or, in your case, guys who live under rocks and never get to see a normal woman’s happy place.”

He was both appalled and intrigued by what she described. Did women really do such a thing? And you could actually see it, see girls like Levi on Babestation performing in such a way?

Of course, during his brief time in the human realm, people had been very open sexually. Obviously, they still were.

“I’m not surfing porn.” He didn’t realize he could do that, but now that she brought it up…

Where would he go to find it, he had heard of a website called sexfreehd but he didn’t have the chance to check it out yet because he hadn’t had the computer long. Only a little more than a week. He wouldn’t have even known they existed but for one of the slug demons who’d mentioned it while he was questioning Solin.

Once he got back to his room, he’d manifested one and it’d taken him awhile to figure out how to use his powers to make it connect to the human world.

The rest of it, though…

Some special kind of sadistic demon must have invested this damn thing.

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