Friday Giveaway: Shadow Keeper by Christine Feehan

Posted May 25, 2018 by Lucy D in Contests & Giveaways / 6 Comments

Our winner is…Robin. Congratulations

TGIF!   I didn’t forget this time.  I was released early from work and went to run some errands.  Now I am back to get Friday Giveaway started.

Last Friday I purchased my first new car in 11 years.  Woo hoo!!  It has a lot of bells and whistles that my ancient minivan did not, including push button start and a back up camera.  My husband and I are keeping score of who reaches for the ignition key more often.   I also had an audience watching my attempt to back into the driveway just using the camera.  The slow clapping when I got out (after reaching for the key again) let me know that they all saw my not very successful attempt.

We will discuss a few of the anticipated June releases next week.  I have not been able to get my hands on an ARC copy the next Ilona Andrews book, Iron and Magic, (boo!) but I do have an ARC of Dianne Duvall’s next book, Awaken the Darkness, on its way (yay!).

I am sure you have all heard by now about what is being called #cockygate, where an author trademarked “Cocky” and sent a cease and desist letter to everyone who has ever published a book with the word cocky in the title demanding they rename  their books.   The RWA and several other patent lawyers have gotten involved and are working to get this trademarking overturned.  Now someone else has come forth trying to trademark “Forever.”  Maybe if they just spent the time writing an enjoyable book, people would talk about their story and not their stupidity.

So in honor of all the crazies, to enter this week’s giveaway, tell us what word you are going to trademark?

Giveaway ends Thursday, May 31st.  Open to U.S. residents 18 years and older.

Thank you to Berkley for this week’s giveaway.

The paparazzi can’t get enough of infamous bad boy Giovanni Ferraro. But unknown to them–and the women he beds–he’s just playing a role. Keeping the spotlight on himself keeps it off the family business. And if this lethal shadow rider can’t hunt in the dark, he’ll find his pleasure elsewhere…

Sasha Provis grew up on a Wyoming ranch and thought she knew how to protect herself from predators. But in the nightclub where she works, she’s fair game–until one of the owners steps in to protect her. Giovanni is gorgeous. He’s dangerous. And his every touch takes her breath away.

The devil at her heels may have finally met its match…

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6 responses to “Friday Giveaway: Shadow Keeper by Christine Feehan

  1. Jamilynn Hanson

    I am so going to trademark the word “nugget” since I call anything cute(like babies, kitties, puppies,etc) a nugget.😉

  2. Texas Book Lover

    Congrats on the new car! This is the first I’ve heard of the trademark issue and it’s ridiculous! They keep this up and we’ll all be reading books named book #1 or #15 from a specific author because there won’t be any words left to use in the titles.

    This is such a crazy thought that I can’t even think of a word to trademark!!!

  3. Alexisa

    I’ll mess up a whole area of romance novels and trademark the word “Billionaire”

    Now you said your new car has all the bells and whistles, but you didn’t say what it was. So what kind of car did you buy?

    • Lucy D

      Good choice.

      We bought a Volkswagon Atlas. It has bells and whistles but it’s not the top of the line. I haven’t had a car payment in six years. There was some hyperventilating.

  4. Robin Tindle

    I love this post 🙂 I can’t believe that “cocky” got trademarked the nerve of some people. Now “forever” really?

    I would like to trade mark Rebel, or Virgin then 🙂 That would take out about half the books out there. Maybe I could try to trade mark “pizza” I wonder what would happen? Ha ha ha ha.