Friday Giveaway: Faker by Sarah Smith

Posted September 27, 2019 by Lucy D in Contests & Giveaways / 8 Comments

Our winner is…bn100. Congratulations!

Happy Friday!!

It’s been such a long week. I hope to get some quiet time to myself this weekend. I don’t really have anything to talk about so we’ll just make this a quick giveaway.

Leave a comment to be entered for a copy of Faker by Sarah Smith.

Giveaway ends Thursday, October 3rd. Open to U.S. residents, 18 years and older.

Debut author Sarah Smith nails this fun and sexy multicultural romance where two office foes hammer out their differences to build a love that will last…

Emmie Echavarre is a professional faker. She has to be to survive as one of the few female employees at Nuts & Bolts, a power tool company staffed predominantly by gruff, burly men. From nine to five, Monday through Friday, she’s tough as nails–the complete opposite of her easy-going real self.

One thing she doesn’t have to fake? Her disdain for coworker Tate Rasmussen. Tate has been hostile to her since the day they met. Emmie’s friendly greetings and repeated attempts to get to know him failed to garner anything more than scowls and terse one-word answers. Too bad she can’t stop staring at his Thor-like biceps…

When Emmie and Tate are forced to work together on a charity construction project, things get…heated. Emmie’s beginning to see that beneath Tate’s chiseled exterior lies a soft heart, but it will take more than a few kind words to erase the past and convince her that what they have is real.

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8 responses to “Friday Giveaway: Faker by Sarah Smith

  1. Mary Jo Toth

    I hope you got to relax over the weekend. Thanks for the chance. Sounds like a fun story.

  2. Jamilynn Hanson

    I can relate to the craziness of the week, I wish a quiet place to just chill with a good book and a nice cup of tea. Hopefully you won’t have a 3 month old mini Australian Shepherd who is a bundle of energy for being the runt.

    • Lucy D

      No puppies at the moment but that’s only because the husband thinks 3 is enough (not really). We have a 7 yr old Aussie, a 6 year old mini-Aussie (who is blind and the leader of the pack) and a 2 year old American Eskimo. Both the 7 year old and the 2 yr old do agility. Did I mention how awesome Aussies are at agility?