Friday eBook Giveaway: Betwixt by Darynda Jones

Posted March 27, 2020 by Lucy D in Contests & Giveaways / 18 Comments

Our winner is…JenM. Congratulations!

TGIF! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone and your families are still feeling well and staying safe.

If you read my review this morning about this new Darynda Jones series, you know that I really, really enjoyed it and pretty much raced right through it. Admittedly it is only about 233 pages but I definitely want more. And I just to say that while we are in lock down here in NY, I am working a full day from home and still doing my exercise class by video conference (which is pretty cool, except when the dog jumps on my head). If I was simply under quarantine, I would be reading a book a day, no question, but I am not and yet I still managed to zip right through this one.

I thought since we will be doing eBook giveaways for a while anyway, I was grabbing another copy of this one for you.

To be entered, just give us (hopefully) a thumbs up and let us know how you are faring during this insanity. (This will probably be the question each week for awhile as I just want to make sure everyone is doing well.)

Divorced, desperate, and destitute, former restaurateur Defiance Dayne finds out she has been bequeathed a house by a complete stranger. She is surprised, to say the least, and her curiosity gets the better of her. She leaves her beloved Phoenix and heads to one of the most infamous towns in America: Salem, Massachusetts.

She’s only there to find out why a woman she’s never met would leave her a house. A veritable castle that has seen better days. She couldn’t possibly accept it, but the lawyer assigned to the case practically begs her to take it off her hands, mostly because she’s scared of it. The house. The inanimate structure that, as far as Dephne can tell, has never hurt a fly.

Though it does come with some baggage. A pesky neighbor who wants her gone. A scruffy cat who’s a bit of a jerk. And a handyman bathed ink who could moonlight as a supermodel for GQ.

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18 responses to “Friday eBook Giveaway: Betwixt by Darynda Jones

  1. Sheila Willert

    That book sounds interesting! We are a little stir crazy here. I cleaned out the Tupperware cupboard and threw away all the hillbilly Tupperware containers (cool-whip and deli containers).

    • Lucy D

      Instead of sitting and reading like I want to, I am determined to make good use of the quarantine and clearing things out, prepping the garden, and getting ready to paint the porch. There won’t be the excuse of “if only I had the time…”

  2. Amy McDonald

    I’m doing ok so far, feeling a little cooped up however. My job had to cut the work place down 50 percent, I’m lucky my job offers a 30 day paid time off for this crazy time. I think I get more hours taking off then working them. I would love to read this new series by her, I loved her Charlie Davidson series!! Thank you for the chance, stay safe out there!! You are so Awesome!! Thank you for giving us something to stay sane in this time!!

  3. ??I’m fairing okay so far. Going a little stir crazy. I can’t go outside because I have a compromised immune system, so cabin fever is starting to set in.

    • Lucy D

      Stay safe. I admit that at least I can sit outside or do some gardening if it is nice enough. Vacation through books.

  4. Viki S.

    Thank you. I have really enjoyed all of Darynda’s books. I am really looking forward to this new series.
    My family and I are doing okay. Getting on each others nerves as expected. The good news is I FINALLY got TP. I wasn’t worried for the past three weeks because I always have some in the basement but they finally were used.
    Thank you again.

    • Lucy D

      Just so you know, after they bought all the toilet paper, they got all the ketchup. Had a hard time finding any and my kids consider it a vegetable. 🙂

  5. JenM

    I’m retired and an introvert so there isn’t much change to my usual routine but since I have asthma, I’m taking no chances and staying away from others as much as possible. Unfortunately, it took 45 minutes to get through the checkout line at Safeway this morning. At least everyone was very polite and careful to observe the 6 ft distance.

    I’ve tried a couple of the other books from the paranormal women’s fiction group (although not this one) and loved them. I’m so happy to finally see more paranormal books featuring older leads!

      • JenM

        I just finished Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene and enjoyed it a lot. I also have Sucks To Be Me by Kristen Painter and Suddenly Psychic by Elizabeth Hunter on my TBR pile and I’m looking forward to both of them as I’ve previously read other books by both of those authors. Oh, and I read Halfway There by Eve Langlais, but I’d say that one was more of a mixed bag. The heroine is pretty downtrodden through much of the book after finally surviving an emotionally abusive relationship, plus she absolutely refuses to admit the possibility that she’s got magical powers even in the face of all the odd happenings around her. I liked it enough that I want to read the next one, but I’m hoping the heroine steps up to the plate a bit more.

  6. Mary C

    Keeping in touch with family and friends via phone calls and emails and catching up on my reading.

    Hope you and your family are safe and well.

  7. Mary Jo Toth

    So far so good. I am part of the IT team for my company so it was a crazy 1.5 weeks trying to get people equipped to work from home but somehow we did it. I think I’m busier at home working than at the office but some of that is dealing with items that were paused while we got everyone setup to work from home. I’m still trying to catch up on that work. Thanks for keeping us going in our reading world!

  8. Alexisa N

    I deliver for Postmates doordash and shop for instacart so I’m out in public everyday. The more people I see with face mask and gloves makes me feel that I should be at least wearing gloves every time I leave the house even though I’m actually doing everything I can to keep myself healthy. I know it’s like a logical but people if you don’t need to be out please stay home.