Dangerously Close by Dee J Adams

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Dangerously Close

ORDER A COPY: Dangerously Close (Adrenaline Highs)

Publisher: Carina Press
Publishing Date: July 23, 2012
eBook: 271 pages

Rating: 5 stars

Bad-boy rock star Seger Hughes hit rock bottom after a near-fatal tragedy at his concert. He hates how his life has spun out of control. After changing his appearance and his name, he transforms into a different man: Mel Summers. Now he just needs a place to hide out from rabid fans and paparazzi.

An isolated cliffside mansion is perfect. Ashley Bristol, his only neighbor, is blind—and her assistant is a classical music fan. They have no clue who he really is, but someone else does and she’s waited her whole life to be with him.

Struggling to find her way after an accident that took her sight, Ashley is determined not to feel anything. Yet she gets to know Mel and can’t help falling for him. When her assistant mysteriously disappears, Ashley must rely on Mel more than ever. But then his past comes back to haunt them both, and just when they must pull together to avoid danger, betrayal and lies threaten to tear them apart.

What if your dreams came true and one day you realized you didn’t want it anymore? Mel Summers, better known by his stage name Seger Hughes, had it all: fame, fortune, booze, drugs, women…everything he ever dreamed of, but after 20 years, he has had enough of it. He couldn’t remember what city he was in, he didn’t remember the women and he no longer even enjoyed his music. So, he cut his long, blonde hair, grew a beard and went to hide away in the beach house he bought under his real name, away from the paparazzi and the rabid fans. Mel wanted to get away and be by himself, but he didn’t remember that the prior owners had actually split the main house and the guest house and he would now have to share his private property and beach.

Ashley Bristol has had a bad time of it lately—a really bad time. After being crushed by scaffolding knocked down by a crazed killer, and spending several months in a coma, she purchased the beautiful guest house with the private beach and she planned to begin enjoying her life. But her bad luck hasn’t run out yet and when she hits her head after tumbling down her stairs, she looses her vision. Ashley is determined by regain her independence and she hires Lizzy to help her learn to deal with the blindness. And things are looking up, she has a new neighbor, even if he only housesitting for his boss, Seger Hughes “Mr. Big Shot Rock Star.”

Although Mel originally wants nothing to do with his neighbor, a blind neighbor is a bit of good luck to a rock star trying not to be recognized, and they quickly develop a friendship. But someone recognizes who Mel really is and she’s be waiting her whole life to be Mrs. Seger Hughes and she’s not going to let Ashley or anyone else get in her way, no matter what she has to do.

Sometimes you pick up an unknown book and it sounds really good, but you’re so afraid in the end you will be disappointed. I was delighted that I requested a copy of Dangerously Close. I just couldn’t put it down. Usually the review copies of ebooks are only temporary loans but for whatever reason, this one isn’t and I am quite glad because this one is definitely a keeper that I will want to read again. This was one of those stories you can’t wait to see how it ends, but you are sorry when it is finally over.

Even though you know who the stalker is and you watch her wedge herself into Ashley and Mel’s lives (and she is as dangerous as she is Crazy with a capital “C”), it is such an intriguing story, and the romance which grows between Mel and Ashley was so delightful. You see the character of Mel grow and change from the selfish rock star to a generous friend and lover and after years of disappointment in his dream, you feel his joy in spending time with Ashley who is so fun and open and who tries very hard to overcome her handicap. His relationship with Ashley not only gives Mel a new lease on life, but breathes new life into his music, which he will come to love once again.

If you are love a good contemporary romance, definitely treat yourself to a copy of Dangerously Close. This is the third book in the Adrenaline Highs series, and I am definitely going to be keeping my eyes open for more by Dee J Adams.

Received ARC from netgalley.com, courtesy of Carina Press. Thank you.

Favorite Scene:

I was torn about what favorite scene I wanted to add, since I truly enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner scene. I thought this gave a good idea of how quickly our H/H become confortable with each other.

“I could get used to this,” he finally said.

“Nothing stopping you. Except…when do you have to go back to work?”

“Not for a couple weeks. I’ve…Seger’s got a couple of benefit dates coming up with the holidays, but they’re pretty quick ins and outs.”

“That’s good. You need the break.”

He couldn’t help but ask. “How do you know?”

She shrugged. “Just a vibe I get from you.”

A vibe? He hadn’t been here two full days and already she was reading him? If she was this sharp when she was blind, what would she be like with her sight? “What kind of vibe?”

“I don’t know. You seem really low key, maybe a little tired, a little ready for some R and R.” She crunched another chip.

She got that right. Mel took another bite of the sandwich. “Damn, this is good. What do you have in here?”

She swallowed the bite in her mouth. “It’s just chicken.” She lifted her eyebrows. “And two of my secret ingredients.”

Mel rolled his eyes.

Chuckling, she wiped her lips with a napkin. “Aren’t you going to ask me what my secret ingredients are?”

“Why? It’s secret. You probably won’t tell me.”

“God, I love a smart man!” She laughed. The carefree, musical sound hit him just as it had the first time. She seemed like she didn’t have a worry in the world as her lips pulled into a beautiful smile. There was something besides her California good looks that truly appealed to him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Maybe it was simply that he could have a conversation with a person who didn’t expect something from him. He couldn’t remember the last time that happened.

They ate in silence for a few minutes until the sandwich and chips disappeared. Mel chugged from his bottled water, glad he’d thought to bring it. Unfortunately, the sandwich only whetted his appetite. He was still starving.

“Thanks again. That was really good,” he said before sucking down the last of his water.

She brushed crumbs off her lap. “You’re welcome. But I think I can do better. I don’t know about you, but I’m still hungry. Wanna go back to my place and have another one?”

His mouth watered. “Really? You have more?”

“I’ve got enough chicken for three or four more sandwiches.” She smiled. “We could splurge and each have our own. You game?”

It seemed odd how he’d come here to be alone, but after a few minutes with Ashley he didn’t care. There was nothing flirty about her, nothing covert. She didn’t want anything from him except to share her chicken sandwiches. She was hard to resist.

“Isn’t Roamer going to be pissed if he has to go in so soon?” he asked.

“He’ll survive. I’ll toss him some chicken. Don’t let it get around, but he’s easy.” She sprang to her feet and picked up her cooler. “Let’s leave the chairs out. We can come back when we’re done.” She froze and tipped her head to the side. “Better yet, you can come back and I’ll do some stuff around the house and head back later. You can get that solo time you were looking for.” She picked up her chair as if to fold it, but Mel plucked it out of her hands.

“Cut it out,” he said, setting the chair down. What kind of insensitive jerk would eat her sandwich then tell her when she could and couldn’t come to her own beach? “I don’t have to be alone. This isn’t my beach. I don’t own it.” Of course, he though he did at one point, but…

She nodded sharply. “Good enough.”

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