To Tempt an Irish Rogue by Kaitlin O’Riley

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To Tempt an Irish Rogue (Hamilton Sisters, #4)

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Publisher: Zebra Books
Publishing Date: November 6, 2012
Paperback: 334 pages

Rating: 4 stars

She wanted a life of her own…Paulette Hamilton loves working in her family’s London bookshop. Strong-willed and sharp-witted, she hopes to one day open a second shop, and she won’t let romantic follies get in her way. But the best laid plans have never met such a handsome Irish widower with a dubious history.

He wanted to leave his behind…Declan Reeves came to London with his young daughter to escape his life in Ireland. Though he’s vowed to never marry again, he quickly falls prey to the tempting blue eyes of fair-haired Paulette. But her family is suspicious of his past, and before he can make her his wife, he must travel to Ireland to vindicate his reputation. Torn between honor and desire, Declan and Paulette launch a perilous search for the truth. Whether it lies in the past or a present beyond their control, it’s their only hope for a future together.

Declan Reeves, Lord Cashelmore, has brought his young daughter to London for a fresh start and to escape the whispers and rumors circulating around Dublin that he had any hand in his wife’s death. He is also hoping to find a doctor who can help his daughter speak again for she hasn’t uttered a word since she saw her mother die.

When he takes her into a quaint bookshop on the edge of Town, he meets a very intriguing young woman who owns the shop, who makes his daughter smile for the first time in a year.

Paulette Hamilton is the middle Hamilton sister and she and her sister, Colette, have run Hamilton Bookstore since their father passed away. They are now on the verge of opening up a second store on the other side of London and are working fiercely as the opening day approaches. Paulette has never had the time or the inclination to chase a husband, but she can’t help but be drawn to the handsome Declan and his adorable daughter, Mara.

Although Declan has no desire to ever marry again, he enjoys spending most afternoons bringing his daughter to Miss Hamilton’s bookstore. Her delightful smile and lovely eyes lift the spirits of Declan and his daughter.

When the ugly rumors follow him to London, he realizes that he must return to Ireland to clear his name before he can truly think of what the future holds for himself, his little girl and the lovely Miss Hamilton.


You can’t go wrong with a story featuring an adorable little girl, and her handsome and devoted father. The stress of his wife’s death and his daughter’s disability have aged Declan. As the story progresses and the time he spends with Paulette, we watch Declan almost youthen, returning to his age of only 25.

Paulette is a mature 21 year old, running her own business which she and her sister have built up, redesigning the store since their father’s death and increasing their business. Although she is very business smart, Paulette does make some stupid decisions with regard to Declan which seemed out of character for such a smart woman, especially since unlike her younger sister, she has never been interested in parties and men and finding a husband.

This was the fourth book in the series. The first three feature the three older Hamilton sisters. We meet all of the sisters in this book as they get together for the grand opening. The second oldest, Juliette, seems a very vivacious character and I have picked up a copy of her story, Desire in His Eyes. The last story will be of youngest sister, Yvette, and the best friend of Colette’s husband, who is the bastard son of a Duke. From meeting them in this book, they have a bit of a Little Women, Laurie and Amy, feel to them.

Favorite Scene:

“Where in Ireland are you from?”


“Is it very different from London?”

“Not very. In some ways they are very much alike. Then again, most large cities are the same.”

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been anywhere except here,” Paulette said with a sigh.

“All large cities seem to be the same. Crowded, noisy, and dirty.”

Paulette laughed at his remark. “I’ve heard people say that. How long are you planning to stay in London?”

“I’m not sure yet. Now it’s my turn,” Declan said, with a grin.

“Your turn for what?”

“My turn to ask you questions.”

Paulette smiled. “Oh, I guess that’s only fair.”

He placed his hand under his chin, resting his elbow on the counter. “Why aren’t you married, Paulette? A beautiful girl like you?”

Surprised by his question, she was also caught off guard by his compliment. “I haven’t met anyone I want to marry.”

“Why is that, do you think?”

“I honestly don’t know.”

“But you’re happy here, working in the bookshop with your sisters?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“How old are you?”

“I’ll be twenty-one next month. How old are you?” she asked.

Declan shook his head. “Oh, no. My turn is not over. No questions from you yet. But if you must know I’m five and twenty.”

“Oh.” He was much closer to her in age than she had originally thought. “You must have married very young! Why, Mara is four years old, isn’t she?”



“You’re interrupting my turn.”

“I’m sorry. I promise I won’t interrupt again. Please continue.”

“Thank you.” He paused a moment before asking, “Why did you let me kiss you this morning?”

What had she let him kiss her? She’d been asking herself that same question all day and had only been able to come up with one response.

“Because I couldn’t help it. I’d never been kissed before and I—“

“Do you mean to tell me that no man has kissed you before me?” Declan was clearly astonished. “Before today?”

“No.” Flooded with embarrassment, Paulette felt her cheeks grow warm. Why did speaking about kissing her seem more mortifying than his actually kissing her? She had no idea, but she liked sitting here with him, talking. He was surprisingly easy to converse with.

“Well, thank you, Paulette. That was an honor I didn’t know I had. Now I feel even more regretful over kissing you though.”

“Oh, don’t regret it!” she cried out. “I thought our kiss was wonderful! Didn’t you?”

“You’re a funny little thing, aren’t you?” He looked amused by her. “Do you always say exactly what you’re thinking?”

“Not deliberately.” She paused, feeling slightly panicked. “Didn’t you think it was wonderful? Kissing me?”

“Yes, I did.” Declan admitted, his emerald eyes glittering as he looked at her. “Perhaps too much.”

“Why too much?”

He laughed. “You’re asking the questions against, lass.”

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