Wicked Beat by Olivia Cummings

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Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour, #4)

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Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publishing Date: August 6, 2013
Paperback: 399 pages

Rating: DNF

From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners’ new front of house soundboard operator, drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his. Unfortunately, she’s too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills to pay him much attention. Rebekah never planned to fall for the tall, goofy drummer with the weird sense of humor and a heart the size of the galaxy. But Eric makes her laugh and his constant attention makes her feel sexy and irresistible–exactly what she needs after the things her last lover said to her. A woman who gives as much as she takes, Rebekah makes Eric feel like a total stud–exactly what he needs after surviving a decade of watching the incredibly talented members of Sinners from the wings.

I have to toss this one on my DNF pile. Olivia Cunning was highly recommended to me awhile back so I picked up the next book she had available.  As soon as I had a lull in my deadlines I grabbed this off my stack and was excited for the Rock ‘N Roll to begin. With this being a Kindle copy, I don’t know how many pages I read but my marker was reading 40% done and this was just sex, sex, sex.

I understand that this is from my erotic pile, but please SOME STORY IS NEEDED!

Of what I read, Rebecca was filling in for her brother who was hurt in a bus accident (prior story) as the main sound technician. She is trying to hold his spot in the tour until he recovers and can return. She is recently graduated and a woman in a male dominate profession and she was barely accepted by the band, therefore you would think she wants to be seen as professional and competent, at least performing one show, before she starts taking on all of the single band members, at once, like a groupie.

She wants to sleep with Trey and although Trey has no problem with helping her out, he can tell that his friend Eric is really interested in Reb and Eric want to keep her to himself. Reb starts to fall for Eric because he is sweet and funny. Ummm, didn’t see it. Just because he showed a little more concern for Reb then just an opportunity for sex, that didn’t make him sweet. All he wants to do is have sex with her, and his attempts at humor are sad, not funny.

I understand that erotica has to be the hardest category of stories to write because one person’s sexy is another person’s ewww, but there has to be an actual story between the sex scenes or else it’s just like watching 10 hours of non-stop hardcore porn.  It is no longer sexy.  It just becomes a non-stop pounding.  A well-written romantic kiss is more titillating than some of these explicit scenes of sex.

Hopefully this was just a very bad example of Olivia Cunning’s talent.

Received ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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