The Professional – Part 3 by Kresley Cole

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The Professional: Part 3 (The Game Maker, #1.3)

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Publisher: Pocket Star
Publishing Date: January 20, 2014
ebook: 100 pages

Rating: 5 stars

Are you ready to play?

Yet all is not as it seems. To remove Natalie from an enemy’s reach, Sevastyan spirits her into hiding. From an opulent palace in Russia to the decadent playgrounds of the mega-wealthy in Paris, the two lovers will discover that even their darkest – and most forbidden – fantasies can come true.

In this final chapter of The Professional, not only do we finally get to see what’s behind the curtain, but we get to finally see what’s inside of Sevastyan.

When we finished Part 2, Sevastyan has taken Natalie to an underground sex club in Paris in order to please Natalie’s desire for decadent pleasures. She finds the perfect fit fat boy to use when things get carried away. He offers her more and more dark pleasures in his belief that she will back down from her desire for feeding his darker side but he is amazed and awed that Natalie thrills on the decadence.

After a night of intense pleasure and breaking down their walls, Natalie is surprised and frustrated to find Sevastyan just as cold the next morning. And the more their nights continue to heat up, in the light of day Sevastyan is drawing further and further away from Natalie.

Natalie had hoped in breaking down their sexual walls, she would finally be able to break down Sevastyan’s emotional walls. Except the more he pushes her away, the more she realizes that the man who is fulfills her dreams in the bedroom, will never see her as a partner, just a sexual toy. But after losing her heart, does she have the strength to walk away?

I really wanted to begin this story again from the beginning before I started this final section, but couldn’t due to time constraints. I am not sure if it is because the final part was only 100 pages, but I wanted more. More about Sevastyan. More of Sevastyan and Natalie outside of the bedroom. Again, maybe that is just because this was only the last few pages.

There is no question that Kresley Cole has kicked up her usually sexual tension which she gives us in her IAD series. This story was darkly erotic and I am sure like opening up Natalie to new pleasure, Kresley Cole has opened herself up to a new audience and we will see more from her in this genre.

I only hope that in future stories she abandons the serial part of the presentation because just like bad sex, she builds us up with her erotic storytelling and leaves us edgy and unsatisfied for weeks at a time. I will definitely be finding the time to read this over again from the beginning so that I can enjoy the building up of the relationship between Natalie and Sevastyan.

I didn’t receive an ARC of this final part. I don’t know why I got yanked off the list. *sob* But I still gave it my honest review. 😉

Favorite Scene:

What?? My jaw slackened, and I almost dropped the chain.

To have dozens of people see me strung up? While I was naked, clamped and about to have who-knew-what done to me?

It was one thing to flash guys at the creek near home. This was a different world.

Sevastyan picked up that remote, his expression inscrutable. “If you don’t want me to reveal this room, all you have to do is drop the chain.”

Realization hit me. He thought I would balk—that we would go no further than this! And then he could say he’d tried.

So he hadn’t been taking pains to please me? No, he’d been setting me up for failure.

Bastard! To hell with that. I had on a mask; no one knew who I was, and I’d never see these people again. This was one night of my life, a few hours of gossamer fantasy.

“Drop the chain—or prepare to feel their eyes on you, coveting every inch of your pale skin.”

He was trying to unnerve me. It was working! Did I actually have the mettle to do this?

“Come now, we’ll go home.” He was like a devil on my shoulder, tempting me away from what I needed—from what we needed. “All this will be like a dream.”

In my mind, moving forward with this equaled moving forward in our life together. And I yearned for that. When I wanted something badly enough, nothing could stop me.

Not even the leering eyes of thirty strangers.

I refused to drop the chain. I refused to stay on the ground and not climb up to the trestle. Once I broke the surface of this, it would all be worth it.

When I knew my mind was made up, I began to shake—like a fledgling. Like a girl about to free-fall.

Sevastyan’s brows drew together. “You’re trembling?” He laid the backs of his fingers against my cheek, as if to check for a fever. “Drop the chain, milaya. That’s all you have to do.”

I gritted my teeth, set my jaw, and turned from him to stare at the glass. Bring. It. On.

I heard him exhale a stunned breath. He’d never thought I would do it. He’d set me up to take a fall. Sometimes I’m quite all right with falling, asshole.

“Very well. They’ll see my woman.” I got the sense that he hated the idea of displaying me. Caught in his own trap?

I had been ogling those in the circus ring; soon they’d return the favor. Tit for tat. I almost laughed hysterically.

“It’s not often that one of these rooms is revealed,” Sevastyan said. “This will be a treat for them, and for the other rooms as well.”

I’d forgotten about the other rooms, with their hidden occupants who would not be giving me tat. But there was no going back; he’d pressed the button.

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