Extra: Snark Attack! Too Many Books. Not Enough Time.

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Snark Attack! Tell us how you really feel about a particular blogging subject. Let it off your chest. This is your chance to just EXPLODE!

Like any other hobby, book blogging has it’s up and downs. How can getting a buttload of free books be a problem, you ask? Too many books. Sometimes it’s just way too many. Although I try really hard to be selective about the books I take, they always sound sooo good and I am a notorious book hoarder. (My name is Lucy and I am a Book Hoarder.) If it wasn’t for the fact that most of my books are now digital and go on my Nook, you would be seeing me on one of those Hoarder shows where they have to get the experts like ServiceMaster (https://servicemasteroflakeshore.com/hoarder-cleanup-services/) in to try and clear out the house. They’d be digging a dead cat out from under a collapsed stack of Nora Roberts novels. cat box

That being said, you should see the state of my home office! The shelves are absolutely teeming with books. Although it is nice to have some books around me while I work, a lot of them are now starting to gather dust so I might have to put some into storage so that I do not have to worry about keeping them clean.

A friend of mine has recommended that I should invest in some storage boxes to keep all of the books in my office safe and free from dust. To be honest, I have been researching really useful boxes sizes online and I have found a few different boxes that would be perfect for my office. I might just have to treat myself!

Anyway, truly the only thing better than getting approved for an advanced digital copy of the next book from your favorite author is coming home to a surprise advance paperback you weren’t even expecting from one of your favorite authors. *happy dance* I have tried to seek help for my addiction, but it always turns into Book Club. (We meet on Thursdays.)

But the real torture of book reviewing is the Advance Review Copies. Sometimes I stare at those ARCs with tears in my eyes. I might have a copy two months or more before the release date of a book I am dying to read, but I have a TBR list of 10 or more books that are going to soon hit their release dates that have to be read and reviews need to be posted. That’s where my mother comes in. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, she swooped in the other day and stole a Nora Roberts books that I had for a whole 20 minutes. For the next months she will ask me if I’ve gotten to it yet so we can talk about it.

As if the books I choose aren’t already overwhelming, I receive a barrage of requests from authors or from these new blog promoters out there who have started a business promoting for self-published authors by creating blog tours. Although I would love to help out every author looking to get their book noticed, I have to go back to the simple statement “Too many books. Not enough time.” I have had a moratorium all year on book review requests, but I still received dozens of e-mails each week requesting a review, an interview or a promotion.

What started out as a hobby has have turned it into a very busy, unpaid job where I need to keep track of deadlines, postings and release dates. Am I ready to call it quits? HELL NO! I just need to figure out how to read more. I already use digital and audiobooks to double my reading, I am starting to seriously think about finding some way to directly download to my brain. book brain

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6 responses to “Extra: Snark Attack! Too Many Books. Not Enough Time.

  1. That does suck! I would hate not having enough time to read all the books I get.. However, I’m the complete opposite. As soon as I get a book I read it, and then I have nothing else to read. I love having lots of books too, but I read really really fast and then I have nothing else to read so I spend lots of time looking for the next book. And most of the books on my TBR are books that aren’t published yet. So, it is more waiting for me 🙂

    Great topic!

  2. Speaking as an author, I guess this is why it can take so long for anyone to review an unsolicited book…if ever. There are just so many books published every single day, it’s amazing that any of them find any reviewers at all! I would suggest giving up sleep, but then I’ve tried that and it was an epic fail! After a while the words just dance on the page/screen, and your eyes don’t focus anymore…usually just before your forehead falls forwards onto your reading material.And I only read because I love it…not because I have deadlines to meet!