Saying Goodbye to HeroesandHeartbreakers

Posted November 21, 2017 by Lucy D in Spotlight / 5 Comments

Today is a sad day for me. Today I say goodbye to and the people behind the scenes. As a contributor to H&H, I received notice about two weeks ago that the parent company, Macmillan which is owned by St. Martin’s Press, has decided to shut down the website. I have spent the past two weeks in a bit of a funk.

I started working with H&H in 2011, within a few months of starting this blog, and I have written a total of 220 articles for them. I have chosen books and found new authors in order to cover those books and authors for H&H. I have constantly shuffled my reading list in order to meet my scheduled deadlines for H&H and have spent countless hours trying to perfect articles for them.

Since being told of the closure, I am feeling a bit adrift since we had discussed books and articles that I would cover for them, including the new Nora Roberts’ dystopia and we were discussing what to do about the final Darynda Jones/Charley Davidson novel coming out next year.   Now all those planned articles have been shelved and I am feeling a bit lost.   As I picked up my next highlighted book on my TBR list, which signaled a book I was to cover for H&H, I realized I no longer have to adhere to my strict list and could grab anything I wanted. While that offers a bit of freedom, it still made me sad to know I would no longer be discussing a great new book that I read or managed to get my hands on with Jenn, the site manager.

What that means for eBookObsessed is that all those articles that I have drafted or notes on articles for presentation to H&H, will be posting here instead.   I will also be revising and posting some of my older H&H posts.

I am also hoping that the loss of my standing as a contributor at H&H does not effect my standing with the publishers. If so, it will give me a chance to catch up on my several hundred unread books on my Kindle and Nook and we can start focusing on finding exciting new and obscure indy authors.

And just a kick while I am down, I also received notice that my website page is no longer going to be supported, so I will have to search for a new theme for this page as well.

I will be taking the holiday weekend to drown my sorrows in apple pie and then we will get back to work discussing books.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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5 responses to “Saying Goodbye to HeroesandHeartbreakers

  1. Mary Jo Toth

    Wow. H&H provided a lot of great information. Excited that your articles will land here so we can continue to enjoy them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Alexisa N

    I’ve used H&H in choosing which books to read often. I’m sorry to see it go. On the bright side it’s great that now you’ll have new material for you blog. I looking forward to reading them. I can see why it would be upsetting to have your supporter pull out, and that sucks. Better times they are a coming. Just hang in there and continue doing what you love.

  3. Natalia J

    It’s sad to see that Heroes and Heartbreakers is shutting down. It was also a special place for me to read all of the upcoming books. I way I see it when one door closes and other one opens. I hope you find some to support your page. In any event I’ll still follow your articles and will be waiting for good news to come. Have faith and all will turn out fine . 😀 May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

  4. Mary C

    I’m sad that Heroes and Heartbreakers didn’t allow followers to thank the staff for all the wonderful information they provided. I will miss my daily visit to the site.

    I look forward to reading the articles you have planned and hope that new doors will open for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.