Friday Giveaway: Jane & Edward: A Modern Reimagining of Jane Eyre by Melodie Edwards

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Our winner is…Mary Jo. Congratulations.

Happy Friday!

I hope Spring has sprung where ever you are.  It is perfect  time to start cleaning up the gardens and prepping the outside furniture for those long, hot summer afternoons of sitting and reading.

Jane & Edward is remarkable modernization of the classic tale of Jane Eyre.  Jane was a modern heroine before her time.  She knew her own mind and she wouldn’t cow to anyone’s version of her—whether it was her resentful Aunt, the schoolmaster in charge of her schooling or her boss, Mr. Rochester.    Even as a child, she stood up against all of them no matter if it meant the loss of freedom or love.   Jane is a character to be admired.

Jane lived her life by her own strong moral code.  But the question becomes how would Jane’s code be effected being a strong, twenty-first century woman, rather than one raised under more puritanical teachings?  Additionally, how do you modernize the setting of Jane Eyre?   Would the setting of a nanny/governess in a rich home still work?  Not really, so what would be a believable modern alternative to that?

I thought Melodie Edwards’ modernization of Jane Eyre in Jane & Edward was spot on.  It not only encompassed the spirit of the original Jane Eyre in a believable modern setting, but even non-Jane Fans can enjoy this story as a simple contemporary romance.   Fans of the classic really need to read this.  They won’t be sorry.

Tell me — What is your favorite classic story?   (Movie or Book.  There are no wrong answers.)

Simply leave a comment to be entered in this week’s giveaway. This is for a paperback copy and is open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway ends Thursday, March 30th.

This powerful reimagining of Jane Eyre, set in a modern-day law firm, is full of romance and hope as it follows the echoing heartbeats of the classic story.

A former foster kid, Jane has led a solitary life as a waitress in the suburbs, working hard to get by. Tired of years of barely scraping together a living, Jane takes classes to become a legal assistant and shortly after graduating accepts a job offer at a distinguished law firm in downtown Toronto. Everyone at the firm thinks she is destined for failure because her boss is the notoriously difficult Edward Rosen, the majority stakeholder of Rosen, Haythe & Thornfield LLP. But Jane has known far worse trials and refuses to back down when economic freedom is so close at hand.

Edward has never been able to keep an assistant–he’s too loud, too messy, too ill-tempered. There’s something about the quietly competent, delightfully sharp-witted Jane that intrigues him though. As their orbits overlap, their feelings begin to develop–first comes fondness and then something more. But when Edward’s secrets put Jane’s independence in jeopardy, she must face long-ignored ghosts from her past and decide if opening her heart is a risk worth taking.

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5 responses to “Friday Giveaway: Jane & Edward: A Modern Reimagining of Jane Eyre by Melodie Edwards

  1. Anna Xu

    There are so many, but if I had to narrow it down, it would either be Wuthering Heights or Anna Karenina. I also really love The Master and Margarita. It’s so hard to pick just one! 🙂

  2. I can’t count the number of times I have read Jane Eyre. Just this last week, I actually thought about her and her story. I’d have to say that Jane Eyre is my favorite classical read.

  3. Mary Jo Toth

    I guess Pride and Prejudice. This sounds like a wonderful interpretation of Jane Eyre. Enjoyed your review. Thanks for the chance.