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Give It All Cara McKenna

Give It All by Cara McKenna

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying this story. After Book #1, I thought Raina would end up back together with Miah, but the polished and snobby Duncan hid a damaged psyche and his underlying insecurities made him more human and I enjoyed his damaged character a great deal.

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dead heat

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

Charles and Anna have been together three years and their relationship has grown and solidified. In Dead Heat, they visit an old friend of Charles which will address the problems associated with being a supernatural and loving someone who is human. Dead Heat will also bring about some changes to their relationship and I am […]

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Get Lucky box set

Spotlight – Get Lucky Anthology by S. Humphreys, K. Kincaid, and more

Get Lucky Anthology What happens when six romance authors get together and write half a dozen brand-new, steamy, Irish-themed novellas? Everyone gets lucky! This 99-cent box set crosses genres and includes contemporary romance, new adult romance and paranormal romance novellas that will give Get Lucky a whole new meaning. Pre-order your copy today! The Get […]

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