When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy

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When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity Series #1) by Alexandra Ivy: Book Cover

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Publisher: Zebra
Publishing Date: January 2007

Rating: 5 Stars

It’s been a hell of a day for Abby Barlow. In just a few hours, she’s survived an explosion, watched her employer die, had a startling dream, and now she finds herself in a seedy Chicago hotel with the sexy, unearthly Dante, a man she both desires and fears. For 341 years, Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness. A terrible twist of fate has now made Abby that woman. Three hours ago, Dante would have used all his charms to seduce her. Now she is his to protect. And he will do so until his very death. A terrifying plan has been set in motion, one that will plunge Dante and Abby into an epic battle between good and evil – and a desperate race to save their love…

When Darkness Comes is the first story of the Guardians of Eternity series.  The story begins when Abby Barlow’s employer, Serena, was mysteriously killed.  Her employer was no ordinary woman, she was the “Chalice” for the Phoenix, the spirit of light, whose presence in this world keeps the dark prince in the underworld.  When Serena dies, the spirit of the Phoenix transfers to Abby, and that makes her the target of every demon and dark wizard who want to return the dark prince to this world.   Her guardian in this fight is Dante, a gorgeous and mysterious vampire (Are there any other type?), who is forced to protect to the Phoenix by a witch’s curse. 

This was a great story and I love the main characters, Dante and Abby.  Theirs is an attraction which has been building over the several weeks that they were both together in Serena’s house before her death, so it is not one of those “I’m supposed to believe they fell madly in love in two days” types of stories.  

Unfortunately since they spend most of this story on the run from demons, zombies,  wizards and witches, we don’t spend much time with any subcharacters and the only one to note would be Viper, the vampire Clan Chief, who will be the feature of the next book, Embrace the Darkness.

I urge you to give this series a try.  It is definitely one of my favorites.

Alexandra Ivy will be joining us on Mon., November 28, 2011. Check it out.

Favorite Scene:

The midnight eyes momentarily filled with something that might have been amusement. “There are also visions of joy, pleasure and unexpected beauty. Beauty such as yours.”

“Exquisite taste as always, Viper.” a velvet voice drawled from the doorway.

“Startled by the interruption, Abbey turned her head to regard Dante slowly strolling toward them. She was barely aware that Viper had moved to stand behind her, his hands resting lightly upon her shoulders.”

“So you returned at last Dante,” Viper murmured. “We were so worried.”

“The silver gaze narrowed as Dante pointedly glance towards the hands intimately grasping Abby’s shoulders.”

“Your concern is quite touching, Viper.” He slowly arched a brow. “And speaking of touching…””

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