A.J. Myers – Author of Mystics and Mayhem YA Series

Thank you for speaking with us about your new Young Adult series, Mystics and Mayhem. The first book in this series is Something Witchy.

Something Witchy is your first novel, but have you written other stories?

Yes, I’ve written several stories. Something Witchy is only my first published novel, I’ve actually written five novels…and there’s a whole folder full of unfinished goodies on my laptop that I hope to have time to get back to someday. 🙂

Tell us a little about your heroine, Ember Blaylock, and her “suitors” Nathan Ashley and Jack O’Connell.

Ember is the perfect teenage witch, mostly because she doesn’t want to be a witch—and she’s really terrible at it. She’s funny and irreverent and stubborn, making her a perfect match to take on the two men in her life, both the one trying to save her and the one trying to kill her.

Nathan Ashley is our Knight in Shining Armor—or our Smartass in Tinfoil, you decide. Every bit as strong and stubborn as Ember, he takes her by surprise by breaking through all her walls and touching her in a way no one else ever has. And, let’s face it, it doesn’t hurt that he’s too gorgeous to be real. That’s always a plus 🙂

And Jack O’Connell… Well, Jack is the monster in this fairy tale. A more determined stalker there never was. When romantic gestures and declarations of love don’t work, he sets out to terrorize Ember into giving him what he wants. And he doesn’t really care who he has to go through to get it.

This is not the first time that Ember, Nathan and Jack have come together.

No, they’ve been around this block before. They have the kind of history that is actually history, if you know what I mean.

Nathan is a vampire and Jack is a demon. They are both (mostly) immortal. Ember is a witch. In your world is she considered a supernatural being with a longer lifespan or will Ember age like the rest of us?

No, Ember is just your average human—as far as lifespan goes, anyway. While Jack and Nathan will be young and beautiful forever, Em will get all old and wrinkly right along with the rest of us.

Will her aging be an issue at some point between Ember and Nathan?

Ah…now that is a good question. Stay tuned, the answer is going to take you by surprise.

Something Witchy is the first book of the series. Will all the books feature Nathan and Ember or will you be branching off to other supporting characters?

Yes, the series will be focused mostly on Nathan and Ember. You’ll meet a whole host of new characters and be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotion where our hero and heroine are concerned, but, in the end, it will always come back to the love story that is our favorite witch and vampire.

Can you give us a hint of what to expect from Book #2?

We’re going to see Ember find her strength—and some crazy-awesome new abilities—a heartbreaking trip down Memory Lane, and a surprise ending that will have you staring at the page long after the last line has been read. You won’t want to miss it. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

A.J, thank you for joining us today to talk about your new series. We look forward to your next book and seeing more of our new friends in Moonlight, Missouri.

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I’m a prolific Paranormal Romance author who started writing for my daughter in 2008 when she ran out of vampire series to read. I’d never written a book before that, but by the time I finished that book for her I had the fever. I’ve been doing what the nagging voices in my head tell me to do ever since. I work full time, run a family, and still manage to put out two novels a year. To hear my husband tell it, I type in my sleep!

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