Hannah Jayne – Interview with Cast of UDA

Under Wraps (Underworld Detection Agency, #1)

We are talking today with Sophie Lawson and Nina LaShay, the stars of the Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles. Good morning, Ladies. Thank you so much for inviting us to your home to talk about the exciting world at the UDA.

Sophie – We heard you just received a promotion to the Head of the Fallen Angel Division. Congratulations! How is it being the only human working at the UDA?

Sophie: Thanks so much, Lucy! I really do love working at the UDA and heading up the Fallen Angel Division is a dream come true! Granted, my day consists of cataloging a growing list of demons who literally want me dead but… hey! Free Post It notes! So, you know, there’s that.

Actually, you aren’t the only one here who received a promotion lately, correct?

Sophie: Yeah, Nina’s nephew – oh, here he is. Vlad, we’re doing an interview. Do you want to talk about your promotion at UDA?
Vlad: What I’d like to talk about is the media’s obsession with sparkly vampires.
Sophie: OMG, seriously? Vlad!
Vlad: Vampires are moody bastions of hell and we prefer to be treated as such.
Nina: Maybe if you weren’t dressed as Count Chocula, someone might actually take you seriously.

Under Attack (Underworld Detection Agency, #2)
Nina – I have to ask. Since Sophie’s wardrobe tends more towards sweatpants and t-shirts, are you the one who dressed her up for those cover shots?

Nina: Dressed her, slicked her into those leather pants, and kept the marshmallow pinwheels locked up for three months before the cover shoot. And the covers were my ideas. Hot, right?
Sophie: It’s false advertising! Do you know how much flak I take for those stupid leather pants?
Nina: Deal with it, Soph. It’s fiction.
Sophie: And Photoshop!
Vlad: I offered up a pic of Sophie in her natural habitat – flannel pants and Pop Tart crumbs, but no one ever listens to me.

Sophie – On the cover of Under Attack, you are holding a pistol. Isn’t the gun Alex gave you still in the freezer for safe keeping?

Sophie: It’s actually a regular gun and a taser. And I mostly keep it in the freezer for safe-keeping. Mostly. But when I need to face down danger…
Vlad: When you need to face down danger you run and hide until it goes away.
Sophie: You’re a real gem, Vlad.
Vlad: Yeah, well I’m not the one who mistook the taser for an electric razor.
Sophie: Seriously, don’t you have a coffin to sleep in?

Sophie – You seem to have your hands full with gorgeous men: Fallen Angel, Alex Grace; Guardian, Will Sherman; and Former Boss/Sexy Werewolf, Pete Sampson…Anything you want to share with us, Sophie?

Sophie: What I would like to share is that I couldn’t get a date to save my life prior to last year. Now all my dates nearly end my life. A girl can’t win!

Nina – Anything you want to share about the new love of your life? Have you given up on your boss, Vampire, Dixon Andrade?

Nina: First of all, vampire men? Ugh! All that angst and brood that you breathers find so sexy? Gets old really fast. “I’m moody, I don’t have a soul,” blah, blah, BLAH. You’re not the only one who’s damned, Mr. Andrade.
Sophie: Maybe we should move on to the next question?

Sophie – Have you seen any of your family members lately?

Sophie: Fortunately – or maybe unfortunately – no. But I did recently run into a blast from my blast…

Under Suspicion (Underworld Detection Agency, #3)
Nina – Since the popularity of vampires has grown since the release of those Twilight movies, have you seen an upswing in new vampires at the UDA?

Vlad: Excuse me—
Nina: Nobody asked you, Vlad. While we have seen a huge upswing in what we call Fanpires (false fanged wanna-bes), the actual vampire population has stayed rather steady. But as the interest in our kind has exploded, I’d like to direct you to the newest and best vampire romance—
Sophie: Oh God, she’s pitching her book.
Vlad: It’s a travesty.
Nina: You know what? Give me your card and we’ll talk later.

Sophie – Lately there has been a lot of demons disappearing. Do you think you have a demon killer stalking the streets of San Francisco?

Sophie: Finally! Someone is listening to me! This is not a coincidence. This is REAL, people! My clients keep disappearing. And someone attacked my car!
Nina: So someone is attacking demons and Hondas?
Sophie: I’m using you as Crazed Demon Killer bait, Nina.

Sophie – Speaking of stalkers-–was that Steve I saw outside?

Sophie: I thought I smelled something. I know I should be nicer – he saved my life once! And he can’t help that he’s a troll and that trolls smell—
Nina: Like an unholy combination of blue cheese and feet…

Thank you so much for allowing us to come in and talk with you today about the Underworld Detective Agency.

Sophie: Thank you so much for having us!
Vlad: And please remember to support the Vampire Empowerment and Restoration Movement.
Sophie: Wouldn’t you rather ask them to read the books, Vlad?
Vlad: You have your motivation and I have mine.
Sophie: Oh, geez…

Check out this interview at the Qwillery website and get more information about Nina’s spinoff series and upcoming live action webisodes…awesome!

Qwillery – Interview with Vlad LaShay

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Hannah Jayne is the author of the Underworld Detection Agency series (Kensington Books) and is afraid of snakes. Would like to die in a cupcake explosion.
See more at Hannah Jayne’s website

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  1. GREAT interview! If I weren’t already a huge UDA fan, I would be one now! Can’t wait for Book #4 to come out! Is it more of Will or is it Parker? I have to admit, I am all about team Parker!

  2. Debbie W

    What type of demon would *I* like to be? Hmmm … not a banshee (although my husband might disagree). Vampires/werewolves/angels are too common these days. Despite Glenda’s PR campaign in Oz, witches are seen as BAD rather than GOOD. I’m too tall to be a troll (thankfully) & not flighty enough to be a fairy. Guess I’d have to go with PIXIE!!

  3. Joanne B

    Great interview. This book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. I think if I had to register with the UDA, I’d pick an angel. They are all around good, but there can be just a hint of bad in them.

  4. Natalia J

    Awesome interview!. If i were to register with the UDA I would be a witch because I could cast spells.

  5. Erin Theiss

    loved the interview! I would have to go with a witch, I’ve always considered my alter ego to be a witch 🙂

  6. RachaelM

    Thanks for the great interview. I think I would have to go with werewolf or maybe a witch. Its hard to choose.

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