Dianne Duvall – Interview with Bastian Newcombe and Dr. Melanie Lipton – Phantom Shadows

Phantom Shadows (Immortal Guardians, #3)

Good morning. We’re talking today with Sebastian Newcombe and Dr. Melanie Lipton from Phantom Shadows.

As I am sure you all remember, Bastian is the former leader of the vampire army, who has since learned that he was actually an Immortal Guardian and not a vampire. He has since that time begun training to fight with, rather than against, the Guardians.

After the defeat of Bastian’s vampire army, a few of the vampires surrendered and are currently working with the Guardians to find a cure for the madness which will eventually affect the vampires infected with the virus; and the lovely Dr. Melanie Lipton, who is in charge of the medical team trying to find that cure.

Thank you, Bastian and Dr. Lipton, for taking the time to speak with us today about your very important work here. Dr. Lipton can you give us a brief description of the virus which affects the vampires and what it is you are working on right now?

Melanie:   Of course. Both vampires and immortals are infected with a very a rare symbiotic virus that first conquers, then replaces their immune system and lends them increased speed, strength, and regenerative capabilities, as well as an unfortunate photosensitivity and a need for blood. Vampires are humans who have been infected with the virus. They suffer progressive brain damage that causes them to rapidly descend into madness. Immortals are gifted ones, men and women born with advanced DNA, who have been infected with the virus. Their advanced DNA bestows upon them special abilities like telepathy or telekinesis, and protects them from the more corrosive aspects of the virus so they don’t go insane. I, along with my colleagues, am searching for a cure for the virus or at least some way of preventing the brain damage and madness the virus causes in humans. Until we succeed, I’m seeking a way to suppress the psychotic breaks that unexpectedly grip vampires.

Bastian:   She’s also looking for an antidote for the tranquilizer our enemies have developed and used against us.

Melanie:   Yes, I am. Immortals now possess a vulnerability they never have before. Their enemies have found the first drug that actually affects them, so I’m trying to find a way to combat it. Immortal Guardians can’t fight and defeat their enemies if a dart containing this new drug can drop them in their tracks.

I have also been speaking this morning with those vampires, Joe and Cliff, about their input into this project. They have not only been filling me in on the amount of work going into solving this vampire madness, but they have been giving me quite the earful of the gossip around here. It appears in this case, the walls really do have ears.

Melanie: *laughs* Yes. Vampires’ hearing is almost as acute as immortals’ and, since their apartments are here, they hear . . . pretty much everything that happens. Network headquarters has become something of a 24-hour reality show or soap opera to them and helps keep the boredom at bay.

They speak very highly of you, Dr. Lipton, and the work you do.

Melanie: I couldn’t do it without them and wish I were helping them more.

Bastien: You’re a tremendous help to them.

Melanie: No, I’m not. It’s a terrible thing, watching them struggle every day to keep the madness at bay. They’re good men.

Bastian: They are. And they’re far better off under your care than they ever were with me.

They also talk about your dedication Bastian; about how often you come in to speak to Dr. Lipton about their progress and how much time you spend hanging around in Dr. Lipton’s office.

Bastian: Yyyyyes. Well, Cliff and Joe were members of my army. They’re like family to me. I’m only . . . keeping up on their progress and Mel – Dr. Lipton is the best source of information, since she works so closely with them.

Melanie: Very convincing, Bastien.

They say, a gruff exterior hides a heart of gold – or at least, would you say that, Dr. Lipton, since you appear to spend a great deal of time talking about Bastien whenever he’s not here visiting the labs?

Melanie: Absolutely.

Bastian: No, it doesn’t.

Melanie: Yes, it does. Heart of gold. Bastien has a real soft side.

Bastien: What? No, I don’t. I’m a bastard. Everyone says so. It’s why everyone hates me and wants me dead.

Melanie: You’re just misunderstood.

Bastien: I waged war with the Immortal Guardians.

Melanie: Exactly. Misunderstood.

Bastien: War isn’t . . . Never mind. And she doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about me.

Melanie: Actually I do. Cliff, Joe, and I gossip about you constantly. Quit trying to cover my butt.

Bastien: I’m getting a headache.

Dr. Lipton, the rumor mill is also buzzing that you might also be a gifted one? Is that true? Have you ever thought about becoming an Immortal Guardian yourself?

Bastien: Who’s buzzing about what?

Melanie: I swear this place is worse than a sewing circle. For a secret network, this building houses very few secrets.

Bastien: You just confessed to gossiping about me.

Melanie: Admitting that there IS a problem isn’t the same as saying I’m not part of it.

Bastien: *points to the notepad on which their answers are being recorded* Could you, perhaps, leave that part out of it?

Maybe you too would have an interesting gift, say like Bastian’s empathic abilities–how he can sense what someone is feeling with just a touch. Like how Bastian is touching you right now, Dr. Lipton, and how it would give him insight about what you are currently feeling.

Melanie: Bastien’s gift can sometimes be frustrating, because as long as he’s touching me I can’t hide what I’m feeling.

Bastien: Works for ME.

Melanie: BUT, sometimes I can use that to my advantage. *sends Bastien a sly look as she presses her shoulder more firmly into his arm*

Bastien: *sucks in a breath and gives Melanie a heated look as his eyes begin to glow a vibrant amber* You don’t play fair.

Melanie: *winks* Because I’m playing for keeps.

Well, thank you again for talking with us today. We look forward to reading more about your work together in Phantom Shadows.

Melanie: Thank you for the interview.

Bastien: Yes, thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Melanie: *smiles* See? Heart of gold.

Bastien: *sighs*

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27 responses to “Dianne Duvall – Interview with Bastian Newcombe and Dr. Melanie Lipton – Phantom Shadows

  1. Danni T

    I’ve loved these books. I really enjoyed Roland’s book and I loved Marcus’s story. Ever since the first book I’ve been hoping and waiting for Bastien’s turn. I cannot wait to read Phantom Shadows. Congrats on the new release and thanks for the chance to win!! Ooops forgot to answer the question. My favorite villain turned hero would probably be Lothaire from Kresley Cole’s IAD series. If Kaleb gets a book in Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series then he will probably end up being my favorite, right now he’s a mystery that’s driving me crazy.

    [email protected]

    • Dianne Duvall

      Thank you, Danni! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first two books! I hope you’ll like Bastien and Melanie’s story!

  2. Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv show. From books, I know there are many more, but the only one that comes to mind right now is Max Savoie from the By Moonlight series by Nancy Gideon.


  3. MelissaZ

    Hmm…I can’t think of any favorite villians turned heroes. But I do feel bad for the guys like Bastien who think they’re doing the right thing & then find out they’ve been lied to & are in fact helping the bad guys.

    • Dianne Duvall

      Yay! A Bastien sympathizer! He’s the first villain I turned into a hero. It was really fun. 😉

  4. At the moment I cannot think of one. I found Bastien an interesting character and look forward in reading his story.

    booklover0226 at gmIl dot com

  5. Lona Stringer

    Lothaire is my favorite villian to hero. I look forward to reading this series. Thx for the giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

    • Dianne Duvall

      I keep hearing about Lothaire. I really need to find some reading time so I can catch up on that series. 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Krissy

    For my villain turned hero I would have to say Lothaire as well. Thank you Dianne for the chance to get to know Bas and Mel better. I look forward to getting to know their chemistry together. I can only guess I am going to love them both, laugh a lot and read it all over again.

    • Dianne Duvall

      The laughter will be my favorite part. I love to make people laugh. 🙂 I hope you’ll like their story, Krissy!

  7. Na S.

    Vampires definitely have stronger hearer and really good senses. That makes them good friends and evil enemies!

    • Dianne Duvall

      I don’t know how he is in the books, but I DO like Eric Northman in the True Blood television series. 🙂

  8. Janie McGaugh

    I’ll agree about Spike, though Lothaire is certainly a good second choice. I have a feeling Bastien’s going to be up there, too!

  9. Ashley

    I can’t begin to describe how EXCITED I am for Phantom Shadows to release! The day I picked up Darkness Dawns I had no idea what I was about to get myself into! Roland and Sarah’s story swept me away 🙂 I couldn’t put it down and every time I had an interuption with my reading I became so aggitated! It was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down! When I found out I had to wait until December for Marcus’s story I thought I was going to pull my hair out but the wait was worth it! The storyline and romance again just swept me off my feet! I literally felt like I was Ami. I love a book that can engrose me so much that I forget all about time and reality. I love your writing and now that Phantom Shadows is out I’m looking forward to reading it. Out of all of them Bastien I think is going to be my FAVORITE! Just from that little excerpt we were given I fell instantly in love with him! To me he is the diamond in the rough. I don’t know how many people ever just thank you but I want to Thank You for all the wonderful books you have wrote, for sharing your gift, and for providing an escape from reality…without my romance novels I would be lost. They are my way to step back, breath, and just forget about everyday life. They put a smile on my face, make my heart get all giddy with the lovey dovey stuff and sometimes make me even giggle! As far as your question dealing with a villian going hero I don’t have one. I know Lothaire goes hero but I just could never see him differently.

  10. Lothaire from Kresley Cole’s IAD series never really caught my eye and the only other villain turned hero that I can think of ATM (book wise) is Amon Kalinis from Gabrielle Bisset’s Stolen Destiny & Destiny Redeemed. As far as TV there’s only one answer SPIKE from Buffy!

    riverinaromantic AT aol DOT com

  11. Natalia J

    The only villain turned hero in books that I can think of is the Grinch . While in comic books I can name a few like Rogue, Nightcrawler and Emma Frost , and in TV it would be Spike from Buffy and also Kevin Levin form Ben 10 . Thanks for the giveaway.

    [email protected]

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