Review: Falling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert

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Review:  Falling for His Best Friend by Katee RobertFalling For His Best Friend by Katee Robert
Series: Out of Uniform #2
Published by Entangled: Brazen on May 19th 2015
Genres: Blue Collar, Contemporary
Pages: 221
Format: eBook
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Although this is not an original plot, the likable characters more than make up for that. These friends have great chemistry which becomes explosive even before they actually make it to a bed. And let’s not forget a titillating game of bad cop/dirty cop.

Avery Yueng has a family history of cancer. After her sister needs to have a hysterectomy and Avery is found to have the same genetic markers for cancer, she decides she doesn’t want to wait for Mr. Right to come along. She wants to try to have her own baby while she still can. When she announces this to her friends, it doesn’t go well.  Her best friend since childhood, Drew Flannery, knows that a sperm donor won’t provide the emotional and financially support Avery will need as a single mother. Drew decides then and there that he wants to help her get pregnant and be there to support her and her baby in any way they need.

It doesn’t hurt that just the thought of trying to get Avery pregnant is throwing Drew’s libido into overdrive. Avery and Drew have been there for each other since they were kids, but over the years they have both had a strong attraction for the other that they have been trying to tamp down. Drew has had his share of fantasies about his friend and Avery measures every man she meets by Drew.

The sex between them is amazing.  Yet neither wants to voice their deepest fear — will the sex ruin the friendship that means so much to them or worse, will they have to give up the best sex either has ever had once Avery gets pregnant?

This is certainly not the first “let me help you make a baby” story that I have read, but it was definitely the best. In other books the man never thinks past the baby making portion, knowing he doesn’t want anyone else to be the father the baby, but not wanting to be the Dad.  Here, Drew’s first thoughts are supporting Avery both emotionally and financially, then he gets excited about making a baby.

Drew does take time to get to the I want to be a Dad thoughts since he anticipates Avery just wanting this baby for herself and he’ll just be around as Uncle Drew.  Why does it take so long for the guys to realize if they don’t step up, someday their heroine is going to get married and some other guy is going to take over raising your kid?

Avery fears that Drew, who has never had any real relationship with a woman, is just in it for the sex and he doesn’t want any more.

Everyone around them sees how perfect they are together. Both teeter so close to confessing and you’re like “Yes. Yes. Just say that!” but then they shy away from putting their heart out  there for fear that any rejection would destroy their friendship.

These characters have great chemistry both in and out of the bedroom which makes the story so enjoyable.

Received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Scene:

Bad cop/Dirty cop…

In a matter of seconds, the cruiser was riding up her ass, and it was another second before she pulled over onto a little dirt road, driving until the trees closed in around them, shielding their vehicles from the main road. Fighting back a grin, he put on his hat and sunglasses.

This was going to be exactly what he needed.


Avery watched him climb out of his cruiser, wondering what the hell he was up to now. She had to admit Drew cut a delicious figure in his uniform, with his hat pulled low and aviator sunglasses shielding his eyes. As she waited, he skirted the trees stretching over the dirt road and stopped next to her car.

He made a circling motion for her to put down her window, and she rolled her eyes. It was a crapshoot, when he got like this, whether he was going to pull some act straight out of Super Troopers-because God knew he found the whole meow joke hilarious–or actually give her a ticket, like he had last time. Her insurance would go up if she got another one so he’d better throw that idea right out of the window. If he did that, baby or not, he so wasn’t getting laid. “Yes, Officer?”

“Do you know how fast you were driving?”

Wow, he was really going there? She debated making a run for it, but he was parked behind her. Besides, they were supposed to meet for midday nookie, and there wouldn’t be another opportunity today. So she pressed her lips together and tried to keep a hold of her temper. “Are you serious?”

“Ma’am, I asked you a question.”

Obviously he wasn’t going to deviate from his little game, so she might has well play along. “Yeah, I was speeding. I have this hot date, you see. My best friend is about to bang my brains out and I’m kind of in a hurry to make that happen.”

The muscle ticking in his jaw was the only indication what she’d said affected him. “There’s no need for that kind of attitude, ma’am.”

Avery stared at her reflection in his sunglasses. She’d actually dressed up today, to the point where she’d left the sweats at home, choosing instead to throw on a jean skirt she hadn’t even known she had, and a black tank top. She’d even kept her hair down, which she never did because it always ended up in her face. And here he was, fucking with her–and not in the way she wanted. “Let me just grab my baseball bat and I’ll show you attitude.”

No change in expression. “Ma’am, will you step out of the vehicle?”

Oh, she’d step out of the vehicle all right. She was going to whoop his ass. Avery gave him her sweetest smile. “Sure thing.” She threw open the door, forcing him to back up to avoid being taken out. From there, she hopped to the ground, since there was no graceful way to climb out of her jeep in a mini skirt, and she wasn’t feeling generous enough to flash him when he was acting like a dick.

His mouth tightened and his chin dipped, as if he was taking her in. “What the fuck are you wearing?”

She looked at herself. Apparently she was out of line for putting a little effort into her appearance. “God, fine. Forget it happened. I think I have some jeans in the back.”

“I don’t think so.” He reached for his side, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. “Turn around.”

“No way.” A ticket was one thing, but the cuffs were something else altogether. With her luck, he’d toss her into the back of his cruiser just for the hell of it. “Knock it off, Drew. Let’s just go to your place and get this over with.” Because this little joke was putting a damper on her desire to get naked and sweaty with him.

He grabbed her arm and spun her around, using a hand at the back of her neck to bend her over the hood of her Jeep. It was obviously a move he’d done quite a bit, because it happened so fast she didn’t have time to react. Between one blink and the next, he had her wrists cuffed behind her. The position made her skirt ride up until she was pretty sure the bottom of her ass was hanging out. “Hey!”

He leaned over her, covering her with his body, and she stopped struggling at the feel of the hard length of him pressed against her backside. Whoa. Where had that come from? She swallowed, trying to process the one-eighty her hormones did, from anger to desire, in a single beat of her heart. It was because she wanted the end result of this–the baby–not because being at his mercy and having his hands on her got her hot. “Is that a baton in your pocket, officer, or are you just happy to see me?”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m definitely happy to see you.” He straightened, leaving her feeling even more exposed than she had to begin with, because now she was missing the heat of his body. He cursed.

What was the problem? She bit back the question. It didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that he kept touching her. He ran his hands down her spine, stopping just before reaching the cuffs. Then he pulled her into a standing position, using his hips to keep her pinned against the side of the Jeep and repeated the process with the front of her body. Or he started to. It stopped being a cursory exploration as soon as he reached her breasts. He cupped her, squeezing. “Why the hell aren’t you wearing a bra?”

He lightly pinched her nipples and she shivered. “I wasn’t aware I was talking to the fashion police.”

“Do you know what it does to me knowing you’re driving around, a short step away from being topless?” His breath brushed the back of her neck and over one shoulder, raising goose bumps in its wake.

Probably the same thing it did to Avery. She didn’t make a habit of going braless, she might start if this was the reaction she got. She took a shaky breath. “Then I guess you better not do a panty check.”

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