Review: Vampires Never Cry Wolf by Sara Humphreys

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Review:  Vampires Never Cry Wolf by Sara HumphreysVampires Never Cry Wolf (Dead in the City, #3) by Sara Humphreys
Series: Dead in the City #3
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on March 3rd 2015
Genres: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
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[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]This is definitely one of my favorite of the series.   The attraction between Killian and Sadie is apparent to everyone around them.  Even the fact that she is a vampire and he is a werewolf prince and heir who needs to mate and produce children only acts as a thin barrier separating them.  With every statement he knows he should avoid her, but yet he is thinking this while he is making plans to see her again.  [/box]

After his brother’s death, Killian is named as the Heir, and his father has left him in New York to set up a werewolf presence in the vampire dominated city. To get a feel of the city, Killian spends a lot of time at The Coven which is now owned and run by Sadie Pemberton. He is thinking of opening his own club and he is trying to get an idea of what works best in NYC, at least that is why he tells everyone he hangs around The Coven night after night. It is definitely not the intriguing vampire herself since any dalliance between vamps and weres are frowned upon, especially by the heir that needs to mate well and produce the next generation.

The romance was intense in this story and kept you intrigued.  No matter how they tried to deny their interest in each other, everyone and I mean everyone in the story was well aware of the intense attraction between Sadie and Killian.  There was a definite line in sand of who was for and who was against the relationship.  And that is what I would call the secondary story to the romance, someone was willing to see blood run to keep the wolves out of New York and to keep Killian away from Sadie.  With several vamps and wolves all against the time they are spending together, it was hard to figure out who was the most fanatical.

Killian was so focused on Sadie and his non-obsession with her, that when the woman who was front-runner for the job as Killian’s mate shows up, he can barely focus long enough on her to tell her to get back on the plane and go home.  In fact, instead of getting between Sadie and Killian, her presence only pushes Killian toward Sadie more and increases everyone’s need to check to stockroom to see if we have enough swizzle sticks, making inventory everyone’s favorite job.

We definitely caught a hint of Killian’s interest in Sade at the end of Vampire Trouble and his sudden desire to hang out in New York for awhile.

I really liked the attraction that both Sadie and Killian tried hard to fight.  It really was funny that most of the internal discussions were “I really need to stop spending so much time over there and I’ll stop going there right after I go there tomorrow.” or “It doesn’t look good that we are seen together so often, but I did promise to go over and help.”   Although the question of who was trying to get the wolves out of New York was interesting, it definitely secondary to the dance these two were doing.

I would suggest that if you are trying to keep your relationship secret, sex in the middle of Central Park might not be the best choice for privacy.

Received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Scene:

The sound of splashing water brought him out of his thoughts and immediately set his senses on high alert. Someone was in the pool on the private rooftop terrace.

The sound grew louder, and based on the level of disruption in the water, it couldn’t be something small like a bird. There was definitely someone in the pool. Who the hell could it be? Who would be swimming out there in the middle of April other than another wolf? David and Ivan were downstairs, and the only way to get out there was through Killian’s office down the hall.

Moving swiftly and silently, with his wolf clamoring to get out, he crept along the dark hallway. The door to his office was open a crack, allowing him to slip into the room without alerting the intruder to his presence. The sound of water sloshing grew louder as Killian moved closer to the sliding glass door, and a low growl rumbled in this throat as he spotted a body moving in the water. A pile of discarded clothing was draped over the bench.

Stark naked, with his body wound tight, Killian curled his hands into fists as he prepared to rip the door open. The growl in his throat fell silent and heat flashed in his gut when he got an eyeful of the intruder and a wave of recognition flooded him.

The crystal blue water of the pool was lit up from beneath, giving him a clear view of the most perfectly shaped female body he’d ever seen. Ripples of dark hair skimmed behind her as she stretched her long, lithe body through the water, pull after pull. She moved with absolute grace, and every curve on her nude form was exquisitely shaped.

It was like watching an underwater dancer–one who didn’t need to come up for air.

If the lacy cuffs on the shirt amide the pile of discarded clothing hadn’t given her away, the lack of need for oxygen would have. With all that long, dark hair and the curve of those hips, he knew exactly who it was–Sadie. His lips tilted. She couldn’t possibly be aware that this was his place, and even though the temptation to go out there and bust her for trespassing was strong, he refrained.

Killian didn’t know how long he stood there staring at the beautiful water nymph that had invaded his pool. Seconds? Hours? He didn’t care. All he could see was her. The trance was finally broken when she ascended the stairs at the far end of the poof and sat on the edge with her back to him. His heart thundered in his chest as her alabaster skin glistened in the light of the moon. Every single inch of him hardened as his gaze skimmed over the dip of her waist and along the curve of her round ass.

Vampire or not, he didn’t give a shit. Killian knew, in that moment, he had to have her. It wasn’t a matter of should or shouldn’t–it was a matter of need.

Part of him, for just a second, felt guilty for being a peeping Tom, but to be fair, she was the one skinnydipping in his pool. Any guilt he might have felt was instantly squashed by a surge of desire when she arched her back and stretched her arms over her head. She reminded him of a cat stretching out in the patch of sunshine. She was loose and languid, and he swore he could practically hear her purr with contentment as she basked in the light of the moon. Still with her back to him, she gathered her long, wet hair in both hands and pulled it over her right shoulder to squeeze out the water–and that was when he saw it.

One her left shoulder blade was a perfect dark circle–the mark of the moon. As the steam rippled off the water’s surface, blurring her from his vision, everything finally made sense. This moment and this woman were his vision come to life.

Sadie Pemberton, a two-hundred year-old vampire, bore the mark of the moon.

Before he could stop it, Killian’s eyes shifted to the glowing amber eyes of his wolf. His muscles rippled, straining against the desire to shift, and every animal instinct went into overdrive. The primal need to claim her and mark her as his was beyond any other sensation he’d ever experienced. Without thinking about the consequences, Killian slide the glass door open and stepped out into the crisp early morning air.

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